The one thing that will get all professional detailers going? Ask them about the car wash! You might hear a big sigh, get an eye roll, or maybe some passionate language.

While a quick drive through the car wash appears to save time and hassle, is it really safe for your vehicle?

Maintaining your vehicle’s interior and exterior will ultimately increase the resale or trade-in value when it’s time to sell.

Next to your house, your car is the second largest investment over a lifetime.

Unfortunately, your vehicle will rapidly depreciate in value from the second you drive it off the lot.

A car with faded paint and swirl marks will sell for 10-20% less than the same car with its coating intact.

So we know how important it is to protect your investment from a financial standpoint. Your goal needs to be to minimize the loss while maximizing the value of your car.

So what is it that makes the car wash that bad?

1. When someone goes through the car wash, it leaves behind dirt and residue that transfer to YOUR vehicle. The machines are essentially slapping your car with a dirty mop- all. day. long.

This is what we call an “improper wash”.

2. Over time, the debris will cut into the clear coat and give you these nasty marks. These “spider webs” or “swirl marks” reduce shine and blemish the exterior.

Often, clients come to us looking to repair these marks. Many are shocked to hear that their weekly trips to the car wash are causing the damage.

3. You might be paying for a wax, but you are getting foam. The “spray-on” 2-minute wax will do absolutely nothing as a means of protection for your vehicle.

A “real” wax that is applied by hand or machine will give you better protection than any automatic car wash will.

Want a long-lasting wax? Checkout ceramic coating.

“Whoops! I’ve been taking my car to the car wash… what do I do now?”

The best way to remove scratches and protect against future damage is to get a thorough hand wash and machine wax (for heavy damage) included in our Ultimate Exterior Detail. Although, it is always best to take a proactive approach when maintaining your vehicle.


Cars are expensive, make sure that you get your money back in the long run by investing in quality services.

The automatic car wash can chip away at your car and do more damage than good.

Remember, detailers are perfectionists. Those who are certified experts have had years of training and experience to clean, restore, and protect your vehicle.

Don’t use the car wash, get started with professional car detailing today!

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